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Slammy Awards 2010

Superstar of the year: John Cena

Divas of the year: Michaell McCool

WWE moment of the year: The Undertaker Vs. Shawn Michaels at the Wrestlmania XXVI

"Oh Sanp" Meldown Of the year: Edge destroys the Anonymus GM's computer

Shocker of the year: The Nexus debuts

Despicable me Award: CM Punk sings "Happy Birthday" Rey Mysterio's daughter

Holy %&^*%&* move of the year : John Cena Attitude Adjutment On Batista Trought The Stage

Quest Star Shining of the year: Pee Wee Herman

Knucklehead moment of the year: Lay-Cool gets Beat by Mae Young

WWE Universer Fan Reaction: "Angry Miz Girl" Cayley

"And I Qoute"Line of the Year: Michael Cole